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Special Book Publishing Training: Estie Starr | December 7, 2023

Ally Machate Presents…

Your Book, Your Choice: 3 Paths to Publication (So You Can Publish a Book You’re Proud Of)

Discover the path that is best for your book’s unique needs

When you join this FREE live training, you’ll discover:

  1. 1How to publish a top-quality book and share your message with the world…
  2. 2The insider secrets to getting a book deal—and when you might be better off without one!
  3. 3The truth about self-publishing… and how to know if this path is right for you…
  4. 4This underappreciated “third way” to get your book polished, published, and ready to sell…
  5. 5How to avoid common publishing mistakes that will waste your time (and money)…
  6. 6The decision-making shortcut that helps you identify which publication path is ideal for you…
  7. 7Why doing everything by yourself can either be a mistake—or your best option…

…and much more!

This Training Begins In:



Thursday, December 7

1 PM Eastern

(11:00 AM MDT / 10:00 AM PDT)

About Your Presenter: Ally Machate

Ally Machate is a bestselling author and expert publishing consultant. She has served small and “Big Five” publishers, including Simon & Schuster, where she acquired and edited books on staff. Today her clients include authors with such companies as Simon & Schuster, Penguin Random House, Rodale Inc., Chronicle Books, Kaplan Publishing, Sourcebooks, and Hay House, as well as independently published bestsellers. Ally is on a mission to help authors make great books and reach more readers. She leads a diversified team of professionals who help serious authors to write, publish, and sell more high-quality books. 

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